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This is the webpage owned by doew(GitHub Profile).

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About doew




University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan

As a Student. Bachelor of Engineering. Studied about Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Human Word Growing.

The Open University of Japan, Chiba, Japan

As a Graduate Student. Studies about Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.


Web service development and administrating, Tokyo, Japan

As a Software Engineer. Uses Ruby on Rails and Next.js as a web framework, puppet, chef, terraform, kubernetes, openstack as a fundamental infrastructure tool and AWS or GCP as a public cloud infrastructure. I’m mainly a member of developing web applications on RoR.

Languages skill




Elementary at speaking and Intermediate at reading and writing. I can read and write everyday conversation & inside of my specialty.

Programming Languages skill

ruby, python, R, golang, php, javascript, java, c, c++.
Languages not listed above, may also can use with language doc reference. Had experiences on work at ruby, python, R, javascript, golang, php.